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Second Comenius project "Bread - a loaf of Europe" meeting in Finland

Two teachers of our school participated in the second meeting of the Comenius project of the "Bread - a loaf of Europe", which was held in Finland.

The second project meeting was held from  11 to 17 January 2013. in Putaan koulu school in Tornio, Finland. Students of this school welcomed us singing us two songs.

The hosts showed us their classrooms, cafeteria and facilities for teachers. They showed us  their cooking lesson  where we learned to cook some Finnish meals. The hosts offered us their specialties smoked salmon and raindeer  that they prepared  in a variety of traditional dishes.

They took us on a trip to Santa Claus village where we sent a letter to Santa, in which we stated that our school has a lot of good children and  we asked him to visit us again next year in our homes and schools. Arktikum is a museum and a research center that we visited and where we listened about  the history of Finland and Lapland.

 In Finland,  70% of the population belongs to the Lutheran church, and we had the opportunity to visit their Tornio church. We also visited the Museum of Contemporary Art and other sights of this beautiful city.

On a daily temperature of -16 to -24 degrees we had the opportunity to swim in the icy river and experience one of the ways of recreation  in Finland. Another interesting thing is that the Tornio (Finland) and Haparanda (Sweden), two towns which are linked geographically almost as one, share fire truck and  an ambulance ... but are also separated by two  time zones. So while in Tornio (Finland)is  1 p.m., just  few meters away in Haparanda (Sweden) is 12 p.m.

In the second meeting we held a lecture on the activities that the students and teachers of our school made from meeting  in Turkey. We held a presentation of the  survey (the eating habits of children and parents in Croatia and other member countries of the project). We  agreed  on the following activities for the next project meeting from  6 th to  11th  May in our school.

We had a wonderful time,  getting to know teachers and students from other countries. We are looking  forward beeing hosts in our school, where we will have the opportunity to meet their students and not just teachers.

Photos can be viewed in the gallery.

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objavio: Antun Vukasović   datum: 17. 2. 2013.

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